Frequently Asked Questions – Schools

Q What checks are carried out on teachers – and what confirmation do I get?

A At Classic Education, we pride ourselves in ensuring that every teacher provided has undergone a comprehensive vetting process.  We are happy to provide evidence of this to schools should it be requested.  Should you wish to see our full vetting procedures and an example of the Vetting Confirmation Document – please E Mail at

Q How can we contact the agency?

A Either by telephone on 01474 359333 between 6.30am and 9.30pm – 7 days per week or by E Mail on or submit an enquiry via this website and we will contact you back.

Q Do you deal with support staff?

A Yes, we have a specialist section dealing with teaching assistants and other support staff. We have a number of high calibre candidates ready to work on long and short term  assignments throughout Kent. Give us a call on 01474 359333 to discuss your requirements.

Q Can you help me to find a teacher for a long term assignment/post?

A Absolutely, we have a large number of teachers that are registered with us looking for longer term/permanent assignments.  All we need is a couple of minutes of your time to take a few details and we can start the search and selection process for you.

Q What happens if one of my teachers calls in sick on a Sunday evening – can you help me find supply cover?

A Not a problem, we operate an on call ‘out of hours’ service until 9.30 pm every day – this includes weekends.  It is manned by our consultants who are familiar with the teachers and schools so just call us and we will deal with your request immediately and call you back – usually within minutes to confirm a teacher.

Q Do you supply teachers to cover for half days?

A Yes we do.  Some teachers really enjoy doing half days as it gives them the flexibility to do other things to.  So please just let us know what you need.

Q Do you have teachers that reside locally to my school?

A We actively recruit teachers throughout the whole of Kent – we therefore have a large bank of teachers covering all areas of Kent and some of the South East London area – most teachers that register with us like to try and work locally to where they live.

Q How quickly can you get a teacher to my school in an emergency?

A We will advise you immediately if we can assist you – once we have found an available teacher (which normally only takes a matter of minutes) we will take some guidance from them as to how long it would take for them to arrive at your school and give you an update as to what time they will be with you.  Normally if we take the call first thing in the morning 7 – 7.30 am the teachers can normally be with you before the children arrive in school.